Welcome to Millennial Pharma Solutions!

Millennial Pharma Solutions, LLC (MPS) was founded by Dr. Narayan Kanikkannan (“Kani”) in January 2017. MPS provides technical consulting services to the Pharmaceutical Industry in the area of Formulation and Process development. Kani spent his entire career in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. For nearly 20 years he worked with large, mid-size and small pharma companies and successfully developed/commercialized over 50 products (Generic, Branded, and 505 (b) (2)). He has authored more than 60 published articles and presentations in the fields of formulation design, manufacturing process development, drug delivery, and quality by design

Kani has a broad base of knowledge and technical skills in pharmaceutical dosage forms and is detail oriented and highly organized. He proactively identifies and addresses key technical issues early in the development phase and designs effective experiments to optimize formulation/processes. These traits enabled him to develop products effectively and efficiently and Right the-First-Time.  Kani founded MPS with a mission to assist his clients to develop products effectively and efficiently and Right the-First-Time through innovation and advanced technology.  Our Right the-First-Time philosophy in Formulation and Process Development results in faster time-to-market and increases the revenue and profits for our clients.

MPS offers consultancy services in the areas including:
  • Development of Preclinical and Clinical formulations of NCEs
  • Formulation and Process development of drug products such as Oral Solids (Tablets, Capsules, Extended Release, and other Value Added Products), Oral Liquids (Solutions, Suspensions, and Powder for Suspensions), Topicals (Gels, Creams, and Ointments), and Parenterals (Ready to use and Powder for Injections)
  • Quality by Design (Optimization of Formulation/Processes using DOE, Quality Risk Management using FMEA, Development of effective Control Strategies, etc.)
  • Scale up/ Technology Transfer/ Process Validation
  • Troubleshooting Formulation/ Manufacturing Issues
  • Enhancement of Bioavailability of Poorly Soluble Drugs
  • Project Management
  • Authoring/ Review of CMC Regulatory Submission Documents

MPS works efficiently and effectively to address complex scientific and technical issues with a thorough and balanced approach. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Drug Product Development consulting needs.